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Together, we can hold local governments in Santa Barbara County accountable. The Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association (SBCTA) has been fighting for low taxes and efficiency in the administration of public business for more than 60 years. We keep an especially watchful eye on county government in an effort to promote the most economical use of our property, and sales tax dollars. As a nonpartisan group, our goal is to work cooperatively with our government officials in order to achieve a strong, balanced economy for Santa Barbara County.

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A Member of the Coalition for Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) of Santa Barbara County


SBCTA is a non-partisan citizen's advocacy group committed to promoting lower taxes and efficiency in government. We keep a watchful eye on city, county, state, education, and special district issues in an effort to promote the most economical use of our tax dollars. Our goal is to work cooperatively with government officials to achieve a strong, balanced economy for Santa Barbara County and the various cities therein.

About the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association

The SBCTA was founded in 1956 by several of the largest oil companies in Santa Barbara County. As the largest payers of property tax in the county, these companies had a strong and legitimate interest in how local tax revenues were spent. They came together with likeminded people from the community to form a local watchdog organization to ensure those taxes were being spent responsibly, and effectively.

Today, the SBCTA is a non-partisan, countywide civic advocacy group dedicated to representing all Santa Barbara County taxpayers. We strive to make sure county government is managing and delivering essential services - such as law enforcement, public safety, road maintenance, and public health - in a cost-effective manner that does not waste taxpayer money. We also weigh in on local and state tax measures and strive to make sure any proposed tax increase is properly scrutinized. If the new tax, or tax increase doesn't make sense, SBCTA will oppose it vigorously; if it makes sense to either raise an already existing tax, or to create a new tax - for a specific purpose - SBCTA will consider supporting the tax.

We believe taxpayers in Santa Barbara County are over-taxed, not under-taxed. And so we strive to hold the line on all taxes; sales taxes; property taxes; and transient occupancy taxes. SBCTA has been promoting lower taxes since 1956, and that remains one of our top priorities. 

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